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Every Diocese is committed to ensuring that each of its schools should be a special place, a safe place, a place of learning, a place of nurture and of exploration. A school must demonstrate openness and acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness. Here, values and attitudes are formed and every individual is celebrated as unique.

A Church School is all of these things, but also develops a distinctive Christian character through its religious education, collective worship and ethos, that makes God's love and presence known to the world.

Verse of the Day

You forgave the iniquity of your people; you covered all their sin. Psalm 85:2

Prayer of the Day

We remember and bring before you, O Lord all the people who learn, work and worship at St John Lloyd R.C. Primary School.

CSC News

[08/09/17 09:07] - Deputy Headship at St Mellons CW Cardiff
[22/08/17 08:51] - Governing Body at Llandaff City Primary seek new clerk
[28/11/16 10:59] - Farmington Institute Scholarship
[20/04/16 11:42] - CRAMP forms

CSC Twitter Feed

[24/11/12 19:48] - Website now supports Twitter API v1.1, improving its integration.
[15/09/12 21:30] - Check out our new website. It offers a much simpler interface than before, making it easier to find what you need. http://t.co/yHghxcfA.

Other Church News

[18/10/17 15:20] - New primate and leadership team for Church of North India
[18/10/17 14:33] - Hurricane Maria: the crisis continues for Puerto Rico
[18/10/17 13:44] - UK Christians and Jews celebrate 75 years of inter-faith relations
[17/10/17 17:06] - Former Bishop of Chester implicated in abuse allegations
[17/10/17 14:53] - Anglicans and Protestants welcome Pope Francis’ visit to Myanmar
[17/10/17 13:11] - Church of England anti-slavery initiative wins government backing
[17/10/17 10:27] - Communiqué from the Council of the Church in East Asia Bishop’s Meeting 2017
[16/10/17 17:29] - Archbishop of Canterbury boosts links to the Commonwealth of Nations
[16/10/17 16:36] - Official Anglican – Oriental Orthodox dialogue group to meet in Dublin
[16/10/17 15:03] - Asian Christians celebrate diamond jubilee of first regional ecumenical group


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