Cyber Schools

Welcome to Cyber School.


This is an online programme of professional development designed to meet your needs if you’re working in a Church in Wales school in any capacity. It will also be useful if you are preparing for a move to a Church in Wales school.


All of the tasks and materials are online and you will use simulations, closely related to your current practice, to challenge you to think through your approach to education a Church in Wales setting.


The tasks are divided into different zones to reflect the variety of levels at which a Church in Wales school operates:


  • School leaders

  • Governors

  • School staff

    • Experienced teachers

    • Teachers

    • All school staff


You will be able to undertake tasks from more than one zone.


You should aim to complete the programme within an academic year and you will receive online support and assessment from a personal tutor.


You can engage in this programme on your own or with a group of colleagues.





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