Cyber Schools

Brief introduction to the scenarios


CyberSchool will invite you to work within one of the following scenarios…



Scenario 1


New school in new Housing Estate on a brown field site in Gullpool.


This new Church in Wales VA primary school is currently under construction. It is being built to serve a development of new housing estates on the outskirts of Gullpool. The school is intended to be the Church in Wales’ response to the development and as such will be a place of worship on Sunday as well as a one form entry primary school serving the estates. To enable this, a sanctuary area has been added to the school hall and there is a community room and toilets, where church activities can happen during the week.



Scenario 2


Replacing three villages schools with one new build in the diocese of Gullpool and Rockness


As a response to concerns about the viability of small rural primary schools within the Grey Mountains Local Education Authority, the authority is driving through a project to close the only three small Church in Wales schools that are within that part of the authority which is also covered by the Diocese of Gullpool and Rockness. Their replacement is to be a single new one form entry Church in Wales primary school on a new site within the area served by the old schools but not in any of the villages that formerly had a school.



Scenario 3


(note; The tasks within this scenario are set at the leaders, governors and experienced teachers levels only)

Taking over a failing primary school on the island of Rockness and giving it a new direction

The one primary school on the island of Rockness, which is a Church in Wales Voluntary Aided, was revealed as having unacceptably low standards of achievement amongst its pupils in a recently conducted set of tests. The resulting inspection by Estyn further highlighted the poor quality of education being delivered in the school. As a direct consequence of this focus on an otherwise isolated school, two of the teachers, including the headteacher of this three class school have taken early retirement.



Scenario 4


(note; The tasks within this scenario are only at the leaders and governors levels only)

A good Church in Wales primary school in a market town in need of new leadership

Following the death in service of the well-respected headteacher and the retirement of her deputy, the Church in Wales Voluntary Aided primary school serving the town of Caebraf is in need of new leadership. The previous head died after a long battle with cancer and her deputy had delayed her own planned retirement to ensure continuity of leadership during this difficult three year period. The scenario focusses on the leadership issues facing the new leadership team taking on responsibility for the school and the responses of the governing body to the changes facing the school at this time.


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