Cyber Schools

The tasks


The tasks are divided into zones:


All staff (with sections related to experienced teachers, other teachers and all staff)


If you are working on the programme on your own, you will be asked to complete 3 tasks. Two of the tasks you choose should be from a zone which is approximately related to your current responsibilities in school or from a zone which represents either a wider school perspective or the level of work in the school for which you are preparing. Your third task should be chosen from a different zone.


If you are working collaboratively, in a group of 2 or more staff, each person will be asked to have an input into 3 separate tasks (including one from ‘Whole School’) and taking a lead in one specific task. You should also ensure that you divide all the tasks between you, taking account of the guidance for the levels that individuals should undertake and seeking to ensure that the group’s work represents a coherent approach to the issues.


Whether you are working individually or in a group, you should look at any of the general questions that are appropriate to your present level of work or the level to which you next aspire. If you are working as a group you should consider a group response to all of them.


In the leadership tasks all the sub-tasks require you to address an audience drawn from the governors or the wider community as these groups reflect part of the range of accountability that those in leadership roles in schools must consider.


In the whole school or classroom focussed tasks the sub tasks ask you either to focus on reports for the headteacher or resource documents for your colleagues on the staff. Where you are given choices about the focus please make the audience for whom you are writing clear in your responses.


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